Dubuc Freshman Orientation on August 1 Link Crew General Link Crew at USG Rowing Algebra I Freshman Academy Show Choir First Character Winner

   School Times 7:35 to 2:25

BE AT SCHOOL by 7:20 to get through the SCANNERS!
ENTER at the Front Entrance (WEST Doors) if you DO NOT have a backpack!
TARDY at 7:35!
Building Closes at 2:30 if you are NOT with a sponsor!

TARDY POLICY: 1st Tardy - Verbal Warning/Conference with Student; 2nd Tardy - Detention with teacher and call to parent; 3rd Tardy - Referral to administrator (Lunch Detention with Mr. Redding); 4th Tardy - Referral to administrator (3 days ISS); 5th Tardy - Referral to administrator and severe interventions

USG Mission and Vision
"Literacy First - Students College Ready"

"To Increase Student Achievement"

No Firearms on Campus:  Effective November 1, 2012, state law will allow the open carrying of firearms by citizens with Concealed/Open Carry Permits issued by the OSBI.  All firearms have to be in a holster.  According to Oklahoma law Firearms/Weapons are NOT PERMITTED on school grounds or within 1000 ft of school as per the Gun Free School Zone Act (1995). 

CLICK BELOW to find School Report Card information from the Office of Accountability at the State Department of Education.  
2013 Report Card ...
Office of Accountability Letter
2012 Report Card ... Page 1 ... Page 2
2012 Profile ... Page 1 ... Page 2
2012 Principal's Message
Title I Information
USG Parents and stakeholders my find the latest information on Grant High School Title 1 and the WISE Plan in the front office. Also, you may go to the WISE WEBSITE for more information about GRANT and the Leadership Program.
Vice Principals
Ms. Jennifer Kleyn, Seniors 
Ms. Cathy Hill, Juniors 
Mr. Micah Mattingly, Sophomores
Ms. Teresa Tedder, Freshman Academy
Mr. Jason Burkhart, Freshman
Counselors & Secretaries
Grades 10, 11 & 12
Last Name A-E
 Mrs. Donna Hill
Last Name F-L, Mr. Charles Menefee
Last Name M-Q,  Mr. Colin Higbee
Last Name R-Z, Mrs. Lindsey Williams
FreshmenMrs. Amber Dubuc
Native AmericanMs. Pat Myers
Ms. Loretta Syrus
Financial, Mrs. Rhonda Redding
Attendance, Ms. Carla Smith
Student Services, Ms. Gina Coulter
Counselors, Ms. Brenda Cardenas
Registrar, Ms. Arisa Antunez
Registrar, Ms. Patricia Zaldivar

REMEMBER School STARTS at 7:35!  Be at school by 7:20 so you will NOT be TARDY!

Week of August 25 - 29
Monday, August 25 -
Jr. Class Meeting at 9:25 in the Auditorium; Key Club Meeting at 2:30 in B114; Volleyball @Capitol Hill at 3:00; Softball with Millwood @ 4:30; BPA Meeting at Lunch in E215
Tuesday, August 26 - Softball @ Southeast at 4:00 p.m.; BPA to Redhawks Baseball Game
Wednesday, August 27 - Learning Centers at 12:05 - 12:50; Senior Class Meeting during 6th Hour
Thursday, August 28 - Softball with Northeast @ 4:00 p.m.; Football Previews TBA; Senior Class Officer Meeting in Room H206 at 2:30
Friday, August 29 - FRESHMAN ONLY DANCE from 7 pm to 9 pm in Cafeterias sponsored by Link Crew; Football Previews TBA

Week of September 1 - 6
Monday, September 1 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, September 2 - Softball with Edmond Memorial at 4:00 p.m.; Volleyball at Centennial at 4:00 p.m.; Teachers Meeting at 2:30 in Library
Wednesday, September 3 - Learning Centers at 12:05 - 12:50;
Thursday, September 4 - Parent Teacher Conferences ; Volleyball Tournament at NW Classen - TBA;
Friday, September 5 - Parent Teacher Conferences; Volleyball Tournament at NW Classen - TBA; Softball Tournament at SE - TBA; First Football Game at Western Heights at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 6 ... SATURDAY SCHOOL - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.; Softball Tournament at SE - TBA

Check the Athletic Calendar for more info about times and locations.

NOTE:  To read captions on pictures above ... place mouse on picture and hold.

Parent Newsletter
USG Info and Highlights
REMINDER:  NO SCHOOL on MONDAY, SEPT. 1st for Labor Day and NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY, SEPT. 5th for Parent Teacher Conferences.

  If you have not signed up for FREE and REDUCED LUNCHES.  Please have your child stop by student services and pick up an application.  You may also apply online at Child Nutritional Services.  The link is attached here for easy access.
Students interested in a CRASH Course in Preparing for the October ACT may sign up for the 4-Day, 9 Hour Study Session. The ACT class will cover the 4 sections of the ACT Test with tips and strategies for each section.  DATES for the CLASS: October 20-23 from 4:30 pm to 6:45 pm or 7:00 pm to 9:15 pm.  The Instructor is Steve Bowlware and is located at Edmond Memorial High School.  The Cost is $80 and must be paid when you attend the first class.  To enroll or get directions: email steve.bowlware@edmndschools.net .
LINK CREW will be sponsoring a FRESHMAN ONLY dance on Friday, August 29 in the cafeteria from 7-9 pm.  There will be refreshments - and decorations - and a DJ.  Link Crew leaders will be at the dance also.  Tickets will be on sale for $2 during Freshman lunch and will be sold for $3 at the door.  Dress is casual, but all district policies will be followed. 
LINK CREWS across the nation traditionally host a freshman dance.  We hope to see many of the FRESHMAN enjoying this special evening.

CHEER and POM are selling FREE DRESS DAY wristbands for August 29th.  The cost will be $1.00 and if you buy a wristband you will be allowed to be out of uniform, but you MUST FOLLOW the DRESS CODE found in the OKC School Handbook.  No holes in jeans, no flip flops, etc.

The Athletic Department is participating in the Elevate Program which recognizes character on and off of the playing field.  The following student-athletes have been awarded the C3 award:
Erika Hernandez (VB) C3 Award Winner for Alertness
Crystal Castro (VB) C3 Award Winner for Courage
Denisse Nunez (CC) C3 Award Winner for Alertness
Israel Lugo (CC) C3 Award Winner for Alertness
Paige Peevy (SB) C3 Award Winner for Alertness
Alexia Merino (SB) C3 Award Winner for Courage
Each of these student-athletes were awarded a certificate and a gold C3 coin.  You may find the pictures on the Grant Athletic Website at www.granthsgenerals.com.
STUDENTS if  you need a parking decal stop by Students Services and show the staff your Driver's License.  You will then be given the parking decal information for you to take home and have signed by a parent/guardian.  Once you complete the form return it to the front office to Ms. Coulter with your current Car Insurance for a "Parking Permit".
CONGRATULATIONS to Cristall Borego for her acceptance into the 2014-2015 Canterbury Youth Chorus program.  Cristall received a full scholarship for her involvement in the Canterbury Youth Choir.  This program is Oklahoma City's auditioned civic youth choir and is an amazing opportunity for anyone pursuing a career in music.

The MCROTC will attend the  Fort Sill's 21st Marine Detachment Devil Dog Run on September 13th.  They will take part in either the 3.1 or the 6.2 mile run.  The cost is $25 and if you interested in attending and need an entry form, see Master Sergeant Moore in Room E104 for more information or go to www.sillmwr.com.

On September 12 the All-City Guitar Festival will be held at U.S. Grant.  There will be a world premiere of music written for a large guitar ensemble and a solo performance by Brad Richter.  Mr. Richter is an Enid native that now tours the world performing his own compositions. 
SENIORS ... If you need the CLASS of 2015 Information Sheet ... just CLICK HERE!  You will find information about ACT'S, College Fair, College Applications, and much more.

OKLAHOMA CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Web Site offers College Scholarships and Information to Parents and Students. 
Click here for more information.

  • 2013 USG Grant is UCO Hispanic Ambassador
    Read the story about Samuel "Sammy" Corrales a sophomore fashion marketing major, will conduct the monthly tours. Corrales graduated from Oklahoma City’s U.S. Grant High School in 2013 and became a first-generation college student.
  • College Scholarships and More
    Click here for information about scholarships and college found on the Oklahoma City Public Schools Web Site.
  • Testing Information for Parents
    You can find the definitions for all the tests given at USG and dates for when these tests are given.
DRESS CODE for 2013-14
The Dress Code is khaki pants!  THERE ARE NO JEANS ... NOT EVEN TAN!  NO SHORTS! 
has been added as a color for shirts and jackets! 
SHIRTS ... solid Red, Gray, Black, or White Polo Shirts with 3 buttons (NO WRITING).  Undershirts must also be Red, Gray, Black or White!
JACKETS/HOODIES ... solid Black, Red, Gray or White (NO WRITING)
SHOES ... No flip flops or house shoes
Spirit Shirts must be BLACK/RED/GRAY/WHITE and cannot be a homemade shirt or blood drive!

For more details read the attached flyer: DRESS CODE

ITEMS That are NOT permitted at the scanner:
No opened or un-opened bottles with liquid inside. (sealed cans are permitted)
No glass items (makeup bottles, perfume bottles, mirrors, etc.)
No Hats or Bandanas
No belt buckles with gang affiliations or belt buckles that would identify with drug culture and/or lifestyle (ex. Marijuana buckles).
No jewelry that identifies with gang or drug culture and/or lifestyle or jewelry worn as a weapon.
No alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or medication (prescription or over the counter)
No cigarette lighters, No cigarettes/tobacco, No Vaporizers, and No aerosol spray cans
No Weapons (gun, knife, razor, brass knuckles, ammo, toy gun, cap gun, bb gun,pellet, gun or similar device, or any other object that could be used to inflict bodily harm).
No sharpies/permanent markers, No whiteout, No laser pointers
No sexually explicit material, or notebooks or inappropriate drawings and/or gang affiliations.


Allowable Items:
Textbooks, reading books, notebooks, pens and pencils, paper, clothing for extracurricular activities, eye glasses, sun glasses, deodorant, plastic spray bottles of perfume/cologne, hair brush/comb, make up in non-glass containers, food to be eaten at lunch, an empty water bottle should they choose to fill it with water during the day, Sealed can drinks, Lotion and hand sanitizer

NOTE: Students will be allowed to pick up any item confiscated at scanning (unless it is food, drink, or weapon/drug related) in the front office at the end of the day.