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SCHOOL STARTS at 7:35 am

Schedules will be available on Monday, August 3rd

Be in DRESS CODE:  Khaki Pants & Red, White, Black, or Gray 3 Button Polo Shirt




SCHOOL STARTS at 7:35 am

Schedules will be available on Monday, August 3rd

Be in DRESS CODE:  Khaki Pants & Red, White, Black, or Gray 3 Button Polo Shirt


USG Mission and Vision
"Literacy First - Students College Ready"

"To Increase Student Achievement"

No Firearms on Campus:  Effective November 1, 2012, state law will allow the open carrying of firearms by citizens with Concealed/Open Carry Permits issued by the OSBI.  All firearms have to be in a holster.  According to Oklahoma law Firearms/Weapons are NOT PERMITTED on school grounds or within 1000 ft of school as per the Gun Free School Zone Act (1995). 



Mr. Greg Frederick

Vice Principals:

Ms. Cathy Hill

Ms. Kandy Hunt

Ms. Jenifer Kleyn

Mr. Pedro Martinez

Ms. Teresa Tedder

Counselors & Secretaries


Ms. Susan Bosch

Ms. Amber Dubuc

Ms. Melanie Elliott

Ms. Robin Lindsey

Mr. Charles Menefee

Ms. Lindsey Williams

Ms. Pat Myers, Indian Counselor


Ms. Diana Avila, Counselor's Secretary

Ms. Gina Coulter

Ms. Moore, Principal's Secretary

Ms. Carla Smith

Mr. Alan Villegas


Ms. Arisa Antunez

Ms.Patty Zaldivar

CLICK BELOW to find School Report Card information from the Office of Accountability at the State Department of Education.  

2014 Report Card ...

2013 Report Card ...
2013 Profile

Office of Accountability Letter
2012 Report Card ... Page 1 ... Page 2
2012 Profile ... Page 1 ... Page 2
2012 Principal's Message
Title I Information
USG Parents and stakeholders my find the latest information on Grant High School Title 1 and the WISE Plan in the front office. Also, you may go to the WISE WEBSITE for more information about GRANT and the Leadership Program.

Click here to read the USG Parent Involvement Policy


   School Times 7:35 to 2:25

(New Scholarships are ADDED DAILY)



School begins on August 3rd! You need to arrive by 7:10 in order to get through the scanners to get to class on-time!   Tardy Bell will ring at 7:35 a.m.


2015-16 BUS SCHEDULE for USG .... CLICK HERE to see your BUS ROUTE! 


If you did NOT bring your parent, proofs of registration, or Parent ID during the week of July 20th, you will need this information with you on Monday, August 3rd to receive your schedule. 

New Student to USG will Need to Bring to School: Your parent or guardian; Parent or Guardian will need their ID; and two proofs of your current address with the name of your parent or guardian on the bills.  You also will need to have copies of your shot records and birth certificate. You will also need school records from the school you are leaving ... including a transcript.


FRESHMEN ORIENTATION: On Friday, July 31st the Incoming USG Freshmen should arrive at US Grant around 7:45 am and report to the cafeteria.  At 8:00 am the Freshmen will go into the Gym with their Link Crew members and enjoy learning all about USG traditions and support that is offered by the LINK CREW CLASS.  It is over at noon.  Please be sure to wear casual clothing and tennis shoes.  Recommend:  gym shorts, sweat pants, or comfortable jeans will all be fine. Freshmen should be picked up at the west entrance at noon. 



 Native American Student and Family Orientation will be held at U.S. Grant H.S. on August 22, 2015 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Click Here for More Information and Registration Form.







Check the Athletic Calendar for more info about times and locations of USG Athletic Events.


USG Info and Highlights


Please go to Oklahoma City Student Services (900 N. Klein) to obtain any of the following documents if you attended USG prior to 2015-16 school year. 

Student Records available for former students who attended an Oklahoma City Public School

  • Affidavits of Attendance, Enrollment, and DOB
  • Historical Transcript Requests 
  • Verification of Education and Graduation 
  • DACA Information

 Other Information

»Driver's Permit Proof of Reading Proficiency available through your child's school

»GED / Adult Education - Call (405) 231-2053, (405) 231-2054, or (405) 231-2055 for information.  

»Student Work Permits available through your child's school







"GENERALLY SPEAKING" (News Stories for 2014-15)
DRESS CODE for 2013-14
The Dress Code is khaki pants!  THERE ARE NO JEANS ... NOT EVEN TAN!  NO SHORTS! 
has been added as a color for shirts and jackets! 
SHIRTS ... solid Red, Gray, Black, or White Polo Shirts with 3 buttons (NO WRITING).  Undershirts must also be Red, Gray, Black or White!
JACKETS/HOODIES ... solid Black, Red, Gray or White (NO WRITING)
SHOES ... No flip flops or house shoes
Spirit Shirts must be BLACK/RED/GRAY/WHITE and cannot be a homemade shirt or blood drive!

For more details read the attached flyer: DRESS CODE

ITEMS That are NOT permitted at the scanner:
No opened or un-opened bottles with liquid inside. (sealed cans are permitted)
No glass items (makeup bottles, perfume bottles, mirrors, etc.)
No Hats or Bandanas
No belt buckles with gang affiliations or belt buckles that would identify with drug culture and/or lifestyle (ex. Marijuana buckles).
No jewelry that identifies with gang or drug culture and/or lifestyle or jewelry worn as a weapon.
No alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or medication (prescription or over the counter)
No cigarette lighters, No cigarettes/tobacco, No Vaporizers, and No aerosol spray cans
No Weapons (gun, knife, razor, brass knuckles, ammo, toy gun, cap gun, bb gun,pellet, gun or similar device, or any other object that could be used to inflict bodily harm).
No sharpies/permanent markers, No whiteout, No laser pointers
No sexually explicit material, or notebooks or inappropriate drawings and/or gang affiliations.

Allowable Items:
Textbooks, reading books, notebooks, pens and pencils, paper, clothing for extracurricular activities, eye glasses, sun glasses, deodorant, plastic spray bottles of perfume/cologne, hair brush/comb, make up in non-glass containers, food to be eaten at lunch, an empty water bottle should they choose to fill it with water during the day, Sealed can drinks, Lotion and hand sanitizer

NOTE: Students will be allowed to pick up any item confiscated at scanning (unless it is food, drink, or weapon/drug related) in the front office at the end of the day.